BLUG: News

Broken in Internet Explorer

(12 Aug 2003: David M. Wilson)

The new site design is broken in Internet Explorer. Apologies, the problem will be corrected soon.

Site spring-clean.

(12 Aug 2003: David M. Wilson)

I've been cleaning up the site a little bit, and refreshing bits and pieces of content. A couple of changes have been made to the site style in order to make things a lot more readable, in particular the front page.

If you have any ideas for further changes, please let me know them!

Friday Pubbage - share the feeling, or somesuch

(12 Aug 2003: Rory Irvine)

Remember the day the mailing list was flooded with twenty-five thousand messages containing nothing but the word "Quota"?

Ah, it was a Friday, wasn't it? And remember the day on which the infamous flamewar about the state of our website erupted? Yep, that was a Friday, too.

BLUG's mailing list always used to be a little "odd" on Fridays. Boredom at work set in at around 2.30pm, and it showed.

The days when the list would fill up with spurious, surreal banalities are long gone. Much of BLUG's boredom relief function has been usurped by the IRC channel, leaving the list itself as an oasis of sanity (well, by comparison, anyway).

That's all very well, but what about Fridays? Well, these days, we tend to go to the pub. You're welcome to join us, from about 5pm onwards, for a couple of pints and some craic.

Don't be intimidated by the technical content of the list, or some of our formal meetings - BLUG pubbage is purely a social activity (though there may be a wee bit of shop talk from those of us who work in the IT industry).

Recent venues have included the John Hewitt and the Kitchen Bar, as well as the upstairs of Laveries. Drop into #blug on on a Friday afternoon to see where we'll be that day...

This web site is back!

(12 Aug 2003: David M. Wilson)

After a long outage, is back with us on the new blugBox.

Northern Ireland Open Source Community Open Day

(07 Apr 2003: Marty Pauley)

The Northern Ireland Open Source Community are having an Open Day on Wednesday 16th April. BLUG will be represented there.

January Meet

(17 Jan 2003: David M. Wilson)

Where: Jelly, Ormeau Road? (ask on-list)
When: Jan 20, 2003. 19:00hrs.
What: (see below)

El Russellio has offered up his workplace for a meeting on Monday. Thorsten will be talking on LaTeX (yay!) and other ramblings probably.

According to Scott, Jelly is down near Queen's University. 24 College Gardens to be precise.

Stop the presses! Christmas Dinner! Tomorrow!

(17 Dec 2002: David M. Wilson)

A bit late, but here are the final details; turn up on the night to be included :).


Monsoon (beside Lavery's)

38 Bradbury Place, Belfast, BT7 1RT
Tel: 028 90323000

When Tuesday, December 17 at 19:00
Who See below.

The following are known to be going, or are probably going: Russell Matbouli, Liyang Hu, Chris Hall, David Wilson, Conor McKinney, Pete McEvoy, Gavin Hamill, Scott McWhirter, Mark Harrigan, Matt Johnston, Derek Wilson, Paul Gregg, Andrew Wilson.

BLUG November 2002 Meeting

(18 Nov 2002: David M. Wilson)

The November meeting of the Belfast Linux User Group was hosted by Pete McEvoy. From 6:30pm members gathered, Russell Matbouli gave a tutorial on kernel compilation & installation, whilest various other hackings were taking place in other corners of the venue.

An all-round great meeting. In attendance: Pete McEvoy, Dave M. Wilson, Scott McWhirter, Russell Matbouli, Sid Trewin, Patrick Moore, Paul Dundas, John Oliver, Conor McKinney.

Pictures of the event (taken by Sid Trewin) are available online at


(05 Nov 2002: Andrew Mulholland)

Although (part of irc network), has been up and running for a comparitively long time, only a handful of blug have thus far ventured within the channel, and only a smaller handful spend much time in there.

If you join, dont just part straight away if its quiet, hang on in there, we will talk eventually and its a fairly friendly place once you settle in. :)

prodding the regulars and demanding them to speak is like poking a lion with a stick to make it eat.

It might eat, but it Might eat you....they're best left to walk up and talk by their own devices usually ;).

so #blug Join Now. :)

Christmas Dinner Discussions Now In Session

(25 Oct 2002: Jonathan McDowell)

A wiki is now available for disussion of the Belfast Linux User Group 2002 Christmas Dinner. You can access it at the link below.

October Meeting

(14 Oct 2002: Russell Matbouli)

Venue: Room 3.5 in the Ashby building of QUB
Date: 19:00, 21st October 2002
Speaker: Andrew McFarland
Topic: XML and wotsits.

Maps to the venue are available at the following URI:

Meeting Update

(16 Jun 2002: David M. Wilson)

The meeting looks like it'll probably be held in Roast on the Lisburn Road, if the weather doesn't improve. Oh well :)

June Meeting

(11 Jun 2002: Stray Toaster)

Greetings, comrades in berets.
There will be a meeting of the Belfast GNU/Linux Users Group (erstwhile also known as BLUG) next monday. I repeat Monday 17th June.

And it is weather dependant. If the weather is nice all weekend and nice on Monday, we will have a social meet complete with BBQ in Portglenone Forest. Directions later. There should be enough transport amongst us to get everyone there and back.

If it is bucketing, like it has been, I will be annoyed as the caves will be closed. Oh, and we shall meet in Roast on the Lisburn Road for a yarn, during which we can discuss the future. And even the future relevant to the group.

Be there. Whereever there may be.

May Meeting

(22 Apr 2002: Stray Toaster)

Date: 20th May 2002 ~19:00hrs
Venue: Room 4.5, Ashby Building, QUB (rather large maps are here)
Speaker: Paul Gregg
Topic: Network Security Workshop

This is more than a be-talked-at session, more than a tutorial. It will be an interactive workshop, lead by our very own Paul. He will lead, bit I intend this to be a group thing, with everyone pitching in to add to the collective informative.

Again, these are only as good as the participation of the people there. The april meeting was good, tho I feel bad that there were still some people I didn't get to talk to, and I apologise for that. There is nothing I hate more than seeing people turn up and feel left out. If you do turn up and are feeling left out, please please come and speak to me at least! (It will probably put you off conversation for a while, but make me feel better!)

Meeting Over

(20 Apr 2002: Stephen McCullough)

The meeting of Monday, April 15th was a great success. Lots of people got their machines fixed, and mini-rants were given on choosing a laptop. Most people went to sphinx (?) for food afterwards, a hardcore few went to Lavery's for beer. Some of those that went for food realized their mistake and followed.

Meeting: Monday 15th April

(10 Apr 2002: David M. Wilson)

The meeting for April 2002 will be held on Monday the 15th at 19:00hrs, in room 4.5 in the Ashby Building, at Queens Univercity.

See you there!

ADVANCE WARNING 1: April Meeting

(26 Mar 2002: Stray Toaster)

Hi all.

Here is your first reminder of the April Meeting. The venue is almost settled, so don't ask about that just yet, m'kay? It will be sorted more than a week before the meeting, which is as per normal on the third monday of the month, which makes it:

Monday April 15th at 7.00pm.
And it will be a tech-trouble meet

A bring-and-sort session, where the pooled knowledge of everyone there can help with your linux problems. Even a dist installing session, if you want. Whatever hassles you are having, bring them with you. Tho all relationship issues will be used for public ridicule.

This ain't quite an 'introduce-a-newbie' night, tho it will be a 'newbie question' session. This is an idea Russell and I cooked up to be a bit more informal than 'be-spoke-at-by-a-guru-for-a-while' type meetings, which I happen to like, but we want as many from the list there to get to know each other. And yes, the pub is an option after.

This is only as successful as you want to make it, so if you haven't come along before, please do this time round.

Bring your box, laptop, or just you, and get the niggly small issues sorted out. A forum for all to chip in, share the wealth, and hopefully everyone come out the better for it at the end.

However, if someone wants to give a short talk on something they really, really like/use/think is cool then pleae, by all means. Maybe we will introduce the 'lightning talk' ala YAPC. [0] Now that is an idea.

And there is a topic and speaker lined up for May as well. Gosh, two meeting almost totally sorted out. I would like to claim responsibility for this. In fact, I think I am.


[0] Every speaker has a topic on which they are allowed to expound for five minutes, and no more.

March Meeting Success 8

(18 Mar 2002: David M. Wilson)

The March BLUG meeting is over. Marty's talk was brilliant. A small fraternity went to Morrison's, and a hardcore few went on to Laverys for pool and more beer.

March Meeting: UPDATE: UTVinternet

(12 Mar 2002: David M. Wilson)

A meeting of the Belfast Linux User Group is to be held on the 18th of March.

It is to be held in the UTV Internet offices (Bruce Street) at 7pm. Be there, be square.

Can't find UTV Internet? Go to Parks on Great Victoria Street -- it is in that building, only the entrace is on Bruce Street (the stree t at the side that runs towards the UGC cinema).

A talk will be given by Marty on perl.