BLUG: Meetings

At least once a month for the past two years or so, the club has met to discuss Linux, BSD and any other open-source software which happens to interest us.

Update: for the past year or so, meetings have tended a bit more towards randomness. Usually they are organised at the last minute with no speakers, hosted in random locations, and end up in the pub. If you still like the sound of this, then join the mailing list and wait for relevant postings.

Past Meetings

The biggest event so far was when we were given a talk by both "Rasterman", who is responsible for the Enlightenment window manager, and Tony Guntharp, who runs the Source Forge web site.

Rasterman's talk focused mainly on how to ensure good performance when programming graphic software under X window. Although very technical in nature, most people understood him.

Tony told us abit about the running of a major website, and explained some of the purposes and aims of the Source Forge project.

Other Meetings

Belfast PM

Quite a number of BLUG members are also members of other local groups, such as the Belfast Perl Mongers. The Belfast PM seem to have more regular meetings than us, and they are definately better organised. Definately worth taking a loot at.


If you are an Apple enthusiast, then it might also be worth visiting the Northern Ireland Mac User Group web site, where you can find more information on their meetings.