BLUG: Our List

E-mail Address

The heart and soul of the group really lies in the mailing list, which at times can be fairly busy. To gain membership to BLUG, all members must subscribe, so that they can keep abreast of what's going on (if anything). Of all the online communities in Belfast, few that there are, BLUG could easily be the friendliest of the lot.. help is at hand any time of the day, and often at night, we're only too glad to help a fellow Linux user.

There are of course the oddities, such as Friday (aka. Fun day!). During the summer months, when offices are hot and stuffy and there's no work to do, the comedians take to BLUG in their droves.. such days on the list can really put a smile on your face.

To get knee-deep in our fine community, send an e-mail to [email protected], with a message of the form "subscribe blug-chat <[email protected]>" in the body of the mail. Check your mail in a few minutes, you will recieve a mail from a robot which will guide you through the rest of the process.

Once you're in, send us a mail! Tell us who you are, and how you found our motley crew.. And don't worry, we don't have any weirdos (we know of!!) on the list, so have fun. You can send a message any time at [email protected].

Usage Guidelines

Please follow these simple rules when posting to the BLUG list. Doing so will avoid a telling off, and keep everyone happy.


Before you subscribe, take note that if you want to unsubscribe, you can do so at the Kasei Groups web interface at