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28th December 2003 by David M. Wilson
January Meeting: probably Monday the 5th.

Our (my) attempt to use Meetior for automated picking of the meeting date failed, due to an incorrect configuration. The overall outcome of the vote was that Monday the 5th was the preferred date.

Here are the known (but unconfirmed) details of the meeting:

When? 2004-01-05 19:00
Where? Belfast City
Who? More than 20 members expressed an interest in coming. It is unknown how many can make the 5th.
  • Olivier Riche - SPIP.
  • Pete McEvoy - networking.
  • Chris Thompson - building web sites.

12th December 2003 by David M. Wilson
Christmas Dinner 2003

A christmas dinner was held last night in Indie Spice at Stranmillis. 9 people turned out: David Wilson, Pete McEvoy, Andy Gilligan, Gavin Hamill, Jake Sloan, Russell Matbouli (with other half), Conor McKinney, and Patrick Moore.

Toasts to the future success of BLUG went up, followed by lots of lovely food, followed by Pete's house. And despite widespread popular lies and rumour, I did not attempt to steal the tip! The principle rogue trying to lay the blame on me (Pete) however managed to make off with some of our beers. :)

23th November 2003 by David M. Wilson
Linux server administrator

So i've found a cool guide to linux sever administration!

12th August 2003 by David M. Wilson
Site spring-clean.

I've been cleaning up the site a little bit, and refreshing bits and pieces of content. A couple of changes have been made to the site style in order to make things a lot more readable, in particular the front page.

If you have any ideas for further changes, please let me know them!