BLUG: The BLUG Committee

About The Committee

The BLUG committee is a group of people elected by the members to steer the group for a year. Responsibilities of the committee include arranging talks, meetings, pub outings, and liaising with external organisations.

The committee is elected on a yearly basis by members of the BLUG mailing list. Subscription to the list is a prerequisite of participating in the election. For more information, please refer to the constitution.

Committee Seats 2003

Marty Pauley
David M. Wilson
Pete McEvoy
Russell Matbouli
Rory Irvine
Andrew Wilson

Committee Seats - Previous Years

In between 2002 and 2003, BLUG changed the way it was governed. We went from a committee elected to perform specific tasks to a committee elected that didn't really govern but guided. It was a little troubled, but it seemed to work.

Position 2001-2002 1999-2000
Committee Chairman Russell Matbouli Danny Walker
Liaison Officer Rory Irvine Brian Galbraith
Technical Officer Marty Pauley Marty Pauley
Talks Organiser Marc Kerr n/a
Librarian Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
Web Site Dave Wilson Patrick Moore