BLUG: Constitution 2001

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This interim constitution was created on 6/12/01 following the 2001 AGM. The previous version can be found here

  1. Aims and Objectives
    1. To provide a forum to discuss and gain experience of the GNU/Linux operating system.
    2. To help educate people in the usage of GNU/Linux and related software.
    3. To discuss options for restructuring the group, persuant to the formulation of a new constitution.

  2. Scope
    1. This consitution will remain in force for no more than 6 weeks.
    2. Whilst this constitution is in force, the committee will encourage the members to discuss options for restructuring the group, pursuant to the formulation of a new constitution.
    3. After a period of not more than 4 weeks after this constitution is brought into force, the interim committee must decide whether the new constitution is ready to be recommended to the group's members.
    4. If the committee are in a position to recommend that the new constitution be adopted, it will be put to the members by way of an email vote, as described below.
    5. If the members do not decide to adopt the new constitution, the interim constitution will be held to have been re-adopted, and will remain in place for another period of not more than 6 weeks.
    6. If the committee are not yet in position to recommend that the new constitution be adopted, the members will be presented with the opportunity to re-adopt the interim constitution, allowing another period of not more than 6 weeks for further discussions.
    7. If a majority of members decide that they do not wish to either adopt a new constitution, or re-adopt the interim constitution, then the original BLUG constitution will come back into force.
    8. During this period, all other BLUG activities will continue as normal.

  3. Committee
    1. The society shall be governed by the interim commititee.
    2. The interim committee shall run the society on behalf of the members, pursuant to the objectives of this constitution.
    3. Committee decisions shall be decided by majority voting.
    4. A quorum shall be three members. Attendance at a meeting shall be defined as being able to participate fully in the the meeting, eg. by being there in person, or by telephone.
    5. The committee shall consist of:

      • Chairman
      • Liaisons Officer
      • Treasurer
      • Lectures and Talks Organiser
      • Web Page Administrator
      • Librarian
      • Technical Advisor

    6. Those elected will hold office whilst this interim constitution is in place. If the group decide to re-adopt this constitution, the committee members will remain in office, and will not need to be re-elected.
    7. If a new constitution is adopted, or the old one re-instated, a new committee will be elected according the the procedure laid out therein.

  4. Election of Committee
    1. The committee members shall be democratically by an email vote conducted among the members.
    2. To seek election to the committee each candidate can either nominated by any other member, or may volunteer.
    3. Members are only eligible to vote or be elected to the committee if they have been full members of the society for more than one month at the date of the election. This shall be proved by checking with the mailing list subscription logs.
    4. The sitting committee will be responsible for appointing an electoral officer who will oversee the administration for the election. This will involve checking eligability and tallying votes.
    5. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes is deemed to have won. It is not necessary to receive a majority of the votes cast. In the case of a tie, a further election will be held, if that also ends in a tie, then the elections officer has the casting vote.

  5. Duties of Committee
    1. The Chairperson shall be the chief officer of the society whose functions include chairing all meetings of the committee and officiating at meetings of the society. They shall preserve order and decorum, and shall construe and enforce the Constitution. They shall also be responsible for maintaining an up to date list of society members.
    2. The Liaisons Officer's function shall be to deal with all correspondence and records of the society relating to matters not directly bound to the group's constitution.
    3. The Librarian will keep a record of any discussions relating to the formation of a new constitution, and will archive said records for later perusal.

  6. Members
    1. Membership shall be obtained by subscribing to the BLUG mailing list.
    2. All members shall be bound by this constitution.
    3. By Andrew Wilson
      Created: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 00:00:00 +0000
      Ammended: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 12:46:39 +0000