The Group...

BLUG is a group of people from Belfast and the surrounding area, with a common interest in the GNU/Linux operating system. We have meetings approximately once a month, and have a high volume mailing list where all things Linux are discussed.

A large group of members meet approximately once a month for informal chats on all things Linux, and other such subjects. Previous meetings have included chats from Rasterman, and many have included talks from group members on a diverse range of subjects.

It often happens that after a meeting has taken place, some if not all of the group will head to a local bar to get langered. If you like the sound of this, subscribe to the mailling list or watch the front page for meeting announcements.

More information on this can be found on the meetings page.

The Gathering...

Members of the group, and other sorts of geeks can often be found tippling in one of Belfast's many fine pubs on Fridays. If you like the sound of this, then come on the IRC channel and ask for more information.

Don't be disappointed if no-one is interested, you must remember that we are all lazy geeks who need lots of motivation. So if you want to go to the pub, you must make it happen!